TAGS - The Anchor Golf Society

AGM for 2009

Treasurer's report 2009

Annual Accounts January 2009 - December 2009

ItemIncoming £Outgoing £Balance £
Balance end December 2008  470
Subscriptions2386 2856
Green fees920592052856
Prizes 11551701
Trophies/Balls etc. 2841417
Insurance (Third Party)   
Presentation Evening403175565
Ladies Fund (Surplus)   
Miscellaneous adjustments25 90
December 2008 BalanceDecember 2009 BalanceDifference

Treasurer's Comments

Would all members please remember that the subscriptions are a yearly fee of £84 (i.e. £7/month).
Ed's note:Later during the meeting membership fees were increased by one pound per month to £96 per year.

Therefore if a player misses any games he is still required to pay his subscription for that month. So please make it easy for me by reminding me the following month. If not, I will catch you in the end!

As many members as possible are needed to pay these fees up front, in order for deposits to be paid, and to avoid the captain paying deposits out of his own funds.

Members are also charged for non-attendance of events (see TAGS Rules). A nominal fee of £5 is charged, although a full green fee will be charged if the Golf Club concerned will not waive the fee (as they often rely on minimum society numbers and will charge TAGS for previously confirmed numbers). We have no option but to charge this to the individuals concerned. Therefore, if you know early enough, just pick up the phone and let the Captain or Vice Captain know. It's a lot cheaper for you!

Please note that you will also be expected to pay any monies due if your guest is a no-show on the day.

Monies still owed from 2009

NameDebt (£)
R. Earp14
A. Hall14
G. Lovett7
S. Johanssen35

All of the above in the hall of shame should pay their dues at our next society venue. Thank you.

Don't forget. If you still owe debt you cannot win on the next appearance. It is your obligation to pay, not the treasurer to collect.

Items arising

Proposal to increase Membership fees to include Ladies fund.

  • The Ladies fund contribution of one pound per month will be collected as part of your membership fee
  • Membership fees will therefore be £8 monthly, £96 annually.
  • The winner of the ladies fund draw each month will receive £10.

This motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Proposal to charge guests a higher rate than members

  • Guests will be required to pay £4 per competition.

This motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Proposal to change bank account

  • We don't get any interest from the Halifax account
  • The Barclays Bank in Cowplain is much closer for both Mike and Jason
  • Mike intends to open a personal account with three names on the account: Bob, Jason and Mike
  • This account will be easier to use than the Halifax account

Trevor Geddes then gave the Handicap secretary's report