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AGM 2009

Proposals to date

This is a summary of member proposals suggested during the AGM which were either addressed during a committee member's report or covered before or during AOB.

The AOB section covers any remaining business that does not require follow up activity.
Member Proposal Actions
Bob Unwin How to improve the society?

What can we do to improve the society this year? Suggestions from the floor included:

  1. New T-Shirts
  2. Co-ordinated dress code
  3. Punctuality
  4. Bring the right money
  1. Mark Griffin to investigate bright orange Ralph Lauren t-shirts (at c. £20)
    Jason Bowles to investiage Calloway t-shirts (at £12-15)
  2. Proposal that all players should wear dark grey or black trousers.
  3. All players to put peer pressure onto late arrivals to make them turn up earlier.
  4. All players to pay the Treasurer promptly, with the right money.
Bob Unwin We need a good turnout for the weekend away.

Currently proposed to be at Donnington Grove. At least 30 players needed.

Trevor has a number of people in the neighbouring office interested in playing with the society. Up to 11.

Why not enter the Donningtion Grove golf break special offer?

Mike Griffin Membership fees will be increased to £8 per month. £96 per annum.
This includes £ ONE per month contribution to the Ladies fund.
Motion approved
Herb to update Rules of Society
Mike Griffin Guests will be charged £4 more than members for green fees. Motion approved
Herb to update Rules of Society
Mike Griffin Change banking from Halifax to Barclays. Motion approved
Mike to arrange and advise details to Herb.
Herb to update Rules of Society accordingly.
Herb Miller Website improvements as mentioned in Secretary's report and in last year's members proposals.

Re-use the www.anchorgolf.co.uk URL for a website which will allow members to contribute.
ie a content management system with member logins allowing members to sign up online for the monthly competitions.

Note: www.anchorgolf.com will remain for the 2009/2008 archive

Herb to make changes and involve Danielle Geddes in the process.