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AGM for 2009

Captain's Report 2009

Last year was another good year for golf.

But there have been problems with cheating. We intend to deal with this in 2010 as follows.

  • In future, there will be one committee member per tee time.
  • If you see something which appears to be a breach of the rules report the problem immediately to the player who has done something wrong AND to the committee member
  • If you yourself are unsure of how to deal with a particular situation then ASK before doing anything
  • New players and guests may not know golf etiquette or rules so will benefit from any assistance you can give

Regarding a point raised by Bob Budd prior to the AGM.

  • Your overall medal score for each competition is used to work out the winner of the Best 15 Games major trophy.
  • If you blob a hole your score gets recorded as a 10.
  • You must putt out in order to get a score better than a 10.
  • There will be no gimmes.
  • Pick ups will count as a 10.

There is still a problem with non attendance. As soon as you know you can't play then you should advise a committee member. Ditto if one of your guests can't play


Most of the courses for the year are provisionally booked. See Calendar 2010 for details.

Prices are getting more expensive, but I have made some good deals, especially Captain's day

We have dropped 6 courses this year: Hill Barn, Southampton Municipal, Old Thorns, Worldham, Silvermere and Southwick Park

New courses for the society are Hurtmore, Hockley, Sherfield Oaks and Petworth

And we are returning to a couple of courses we played a while back: Dummer and Goodwood

The weekend away is provisionally booked for Donnington Grove

Bob then handed over Jason and Mike for the Treasurer's report