TAGS - The Anchor Golf Society

4-6 Sep - Weekend away - Selsdon Park

Cost: £ 185
plus £ 10 for Sunday team prizes and birdies for each day.
Birdies fund will be £ 100 split between all players who get birdies or better during the weekend.
10 buggies have been booked at cost of £25 per buggy per day.
We believe everyone is happy to ride in a buggy and will pay their share.

The tee time draws below were made by Bob Unwin at the committee meeting on 2nd September. The pairs competition was drawn first, with one player from the lower handicap range and one from the higher. Then the name tabs were mixed up and the singles and teams were drawn.

That's how it is and that's how it's going to be... and that's how it was.

Friday 4th: @ 12:40 Anchor Open

Singles stableford competition

NTP's on all four par threes: 3rd, 6th, 11th and 17th.
12:40Bob LesterBob UnwinMick PinkDave Farrell
12:48Mel BlakeDave GloverMark GriffinHerb Miller
12:56Rod Smith Bob PalmerRichie EarpJason Bowles
13:04Jason MihellAndy HallAlan GeorgeBob Baldacchino
13:12Mike GriffinTrevor GeddesRobert WhitcombeSteve Mouland

Saturday 5th: @ 11:10 JR Gilks Pairs

Pairs - combined stableford competition

NTP's on all four par threes: 3rd, 6th, 11th and 17th.

Pairings are (1 & 2, 3 & 4 )
11:10Alan GeorgeBob LesterBob BaldacchinoMel Blake
11:18Jason MihellRobert WhitcombeDave GloverSteve Mouland
11:26Rod Smith Richie EarpJason BowlesHerb Miller
11:34Mark GriffinMike GriffinTrevor GeddesBob Palmer
11:42Andy HallMick PinkDave FarrellBob Unwin

Sunday 6th: @ 7:10 Team comp.

Combined stableford 6-6-6 competition where 2 scores count on the first 6 holes, 3 around the turn and all 4 on the last 6 holes.

If any team is reduced to 3 players, for whatever reason, then only 3 scores will count on the last 6 holes.

Winning team share £ 60, runners up share £ 40.

NO NTP's today.

Teams as below:
07:10Richie EarpMark GriffinAlan GeorgeBob Unwin
07:18Bob BaldacchinoDave GloverJason BowlesHerb Miller
07:26Rod Smith Bob PalmerTrevor GeddesSteve Mouland
07:34Andy HallMel BlakeMick PinkBob Lester
07:42Dave FarrellRobert WhitcombeMike GriffinJason Mihell

Note: There was an International Pairs competition being held on this day, which was why we have to start so early.