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25 Apr - D & K Morton - Blacknest


We need to SPEED UP

by Herb

Although it was nice to have a chat with Jason, Chino, Dave and Andy as we waited to tee off on the 13th and they went down the 18th, it shouldn't have been like that.

They were group two, we were group eight.

So that means the position of our groups on the course could have been something like this:

  1. half way down 18th or finished
  2. 18th tee
  3. 17th ?
  4. 16th ?
  5. 15th ?
  6. 14th ?
  7. 13th fairway
  8. 13th tee

Far too far apart! If everyone had been keeping up it should have been more like:

  1. half way down 18th or finished
  2. 18th tee
  3. 17th fairway 2nd shot
  4. 17th tee
  5. 16th green
  6. 16th tee or 15th green
  7. 15th fairway
  8. 14th green

I don't know which groups are at fault but there were some people going very slowly. We had to wait to tee off on every tee. Things were worse behind us. At the fifth a two ball decided to skip 6 holes and went to the 11th.

By the time we had teed off on the seventh the three ball behind us were already waiting and the two ball behind them were finishing the 6th.

They then joined forces to make a 5 ball but we still couldn't get away from them.

So by the time we were starting the 17th I'd become good friends with the three ball that followed them!

The Rules of Golf are pretty clear about slow play, and we also have a section under Etiquette in our Society Rules ( see Rules)

Slow play:
Keep up with the match in front of you.
DON'T just try to keep ahead of those behind.
Avoid time wasting (e.g. wandering over to talk to another group of players).
Always be prepared to play your shot before you get to your ball.

Everyone can do something to help speed it up a bit.

I suppose having re-read these words of wisdom from Pete Hood, I have to admit my own guilt.

That's twice in the blurb above plus I'd like the following to be taken into consideration.

  • Picking up Al Fraser's biro and passing it to Lee Edwards to hand on to him. (It's now in Lee's car)
  • Waiting for Mike Griffin to putt out. :-)
  • Too many three putts of my own.

Update on Majors & League Tables

Click on the more... link in the sidebar (or this one here more...) to see the latest League Tables and Results for each competition.

Best 8 Games, Order of Merit and Medal Champion

It should be no surprise to see Dave Farrell and Dan Wheeler vying for first and second in the Best 8 Games, Order of Merit and Medal Champion. They are already 10 points/strokes clear of the followers.

Top Sixteen Knockout Competition

The top 16 are listed on the Order of Merit sheet. One in four are called Bob. Two more games for the other two Bob's to get into the mix: Captain's Day at Southwick and Old Thorns at the end of June.
Yes, we know it say's 2008. That'll be fixed soon


Getting closer still, with John Nash zooming up the table and three more to start registering scores in their next outing.


Two of the five who have been cut will actually lose a shot (Dave and Sam). Eight will gain a shot.

We have four new players eligible for membership;

  • Mr Roger Marsland Handicap 19.3 = 19
  • Mr Tarig Yusuf Handicap 19.0 = 19
  • Mr Derek Hall Handicap 23.6 = 24
  • Mr Steven Farrell Handicap 28.0 =28

Welcome to all. Cya Captains Day

Event Details

Cost: £ 24

Winner 2008: John Lale, Runner up: Andy Banting

NTP: 2nd, NTP: 14th
First tee is 9:20, so be there for 8:20. Tee time draw: 8:40
Suggested shirt colour: White
AND we're playing off the White tees

Tee times draw

Trevor GeddesSuren JohanssenBob LesterBob Unwin
Jason BowlesBob BaldacchinoDave GloverAndy Hall
Gareth LovettSam FraserMark GriffinDan Wheeler
Alan FraserRobert WhitcombeRichie EarpDerek Hall
Andy BantingTariq YusufLee EdwardsDave Farrell
Mel BlakeRoger MarslandSteve Farrell (g. 28)John Nash
Bob PalmerMick PinkRod Smith Bob Budd
Steve MoulandHerb MillerKeith WallisMike Griffin

No shows

Lee Ainsley