TAGS - The Anchor Golf Society

26 Jan - Carlton Windows - Paulton's Golf Centre


  • Winner: Dan Wheeler (40 pts)
  • Runner up: Trevor Geddes (39 pts)
  • 3rd: Steve Floyd (35 pts, on countback tied with Bob Unwin and Bob Budd )
  • Best guest: Pete Searle
  • NTP 8th: Jason Mihell
  • NTP 12th: Trevor Geddes
  • Birdies comp: Nathan Graham, Dave Glover (Eagle), Liam O'D, John Lale - all with two or more

Event Details

Cost: £ 28

Winner 2007 (at Goodwood): Bob Budd
Runner up: Sam Fraser

NTP: 8th
NTP: 12th
Notes: Coffee and bacon roll

Tee times

Time 1 2 3 4
10:04 Trevor Geddes Jason Mihell Adam Jeram -
10:12 Bob Unwin Alan Fraser Andrew Whitney Nathan Graham
10:20 Mark Griffin Jez Hobbs (g 28) Andy Banting -
10:28 Steve Mouland Darren Wilkinson (g28) Alan George Bob Baldacchino
10:36 Dan Wheeler Gareth Lovett Bob Budd Brian Saunders
10:44 Dave Glover Herb Miller Liam O'Driscoll Jason Bowles
10:52 John Lale John Scanlan Mel Blake -
11:00 Mike Griffin Pete Searle Richie Earp Ricky Searle
11:08 Rod Smith Robert Whitcombe Sam Fraser Steve Floyd