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16 October - Nico - Blacknest

Event Details

Cost: £ 28

NTP: tbc

Tee times: 10:00
Tee time draw: 9:20
Suggested shirt colour: blue

For details see 16 Oct 2010 - Nico - Blacknest

Winner 2009: Bob Budd
Runner up: Jason Bowles

See also 2009 competition

We are moving

If you hadn't already noticed by now, we are migrating from www.anchorgolf.com to www.anchorgolf.co.uk

The new site will contain the same information as the current site.

But it will also have many new features, some of which you will discover when you get there, others which will be added over time.

Please note that while new site is being constructed you will have to look here to find details about things that happened BEFORE mid 2010.

Eventually, when all the content has been migrated, then the two website names will be merged back into one.

If you have any comments on the migration, want to get involved in making it happen or any new ideas for the site then please let us know... using the new features of the new site

Herb, September 2010